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Have You Been Looking For.. .. A Photographer Who Does Yoga With You, Laughs And Cries With You, Talks Real And Brings You Back On Track When You Lose It For A Sec And Celebrates All The Ordinary, All The Mundane And All The Big Things With You?


the VIsion

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I don‘t care about staged poses and too much make up, I believe in whatever makes your heart skip a bit, makes you feel alive, makes you truly sad, truly happy or completely feel at peace. I believe in a life well lived, in time well managed, living with intention, and moments spent with awareness openness and acceptance and realness and a strong “fuck no” when it‘s no and a resounding “hell yes” when it is, and I also believe in solitude, quiet times and being introverted and truly caring about things and people through living minimalistic, sustainable and mostly slow and offline is life worth living. I am also a yin yoga teacher, teaching looking within, relying and listening to your own inner guide, filling your own well, standing and actually enjoying quiet and mediation, being, and after reflecting and tuning in giving with clarity, intention and devotion your body, mind and soul what they need, whatever that may be to then being able to give to others - and that‘s not only how I teach, but also how live, create and love. The law of attraction in motion.

I want you to have real experiences, with regards to however sensitive or extroverted you are, live your way, and me just accidentally being there and capturing what‘s happening. I am not for prepared sets and directed scenes, these are for advertising campaigns and models, not for real human beings. I will interact, we will co-create, give you hints and tell whenever something is not working, but in the end I want you to have proof of a real moment - a picknick with your kids, a fun adventure with your partner, a quiet moment with your unborn - shall you remember how life felt that moment and may you want to remember and relive that moment and derive strength from it. Cause I‘m into the real deal, no matter how messy, how ordinary, how special, how high vibin or different it gets, my gift is to see the light within and if we trust each other I can capture your light in the best way possible. 

Let‘s dare to truly love, in every kind of way,
and maybe if we can keep a memory of that and be all filled up by it
with our hearts all used up, then that‘s what this life is all about, this beautiful messy life. .


feels like coming home

Taken in Portugal, Algarve.

Latest portrait session During a retreat

Taken in Heidelberg, Germany.

Latest family session

Taken in Munich as well as in the Allgäu area as well as Heidelberg, Germany.

LATEST Yoga POrtraits

Taken in Mannheim, Germany.

latest German wedding

Taken in Tuscany, Italy.

LATEST International WEDDING



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Just so you know what lies ahead of you.
At the time of the booking a 50% non-refundable retainer is needed to secure the date,
the rest is due four weeks before the actual date.

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen.


ab 6 Stunden

/ 3000 EUR all day documentary all-inclusive

- hourly rate or all day wedding documentary all-inclusive
(I would always go with the all day documentary, being there from start to finish makes
the whole experience so much more profound both artistically and considering the human experience)

- travel costs within Germany included
/ europewide or worldwide travel costs to be discussed,
can be shared in case I‘m in for some vacation days

- unlimited personal rights of use for the bridal couple as well as all guests included
both social media & print - editorial and or commercial for an additional fee

- 50 photos per hour chosen by you, edited and delivered in a stylish Pic Time Gallery 
as downloadable high-resolution files without watermarks
(Monday after wedding day unedited preview of all photos,
final edited ones 8-12 weeks after you’ve picked your favourites)

- free engagement session in Heidelberg upfront - other locations on request for a fee -
preparing you for your big day and figuring out together whatever might help you calm
your nerves when in front of a camera - because this is personal, so let‘s make it feel like that all the way

- yin yoga and or meditation on your wedding day and
a free digital workbook/ calendar for calming your nerves and
getting the good stuff into your daily life during wedding planning

-  get-to-know coffee/ dinner/ FaceTime/ Skype session or several ;)

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ab 2 Stunden

- 100 photos per hour chosen by you, edited and delivered in a stylish Pic Time Gallery 
as downloadable high-resolution files without watermarks
(Monday after unedited preview of all photos,
final edited ones 4-6 weeks after you’ve picked your favourites)

- excl. travel costs
/ europewide or worldwide travel costs to be discussed,
can be shared in case I‘m in for some vacation days

- unlimited personal rights of use included,
editorial and commercial use for small businesses,
freelancers, yoga teachers and artists also included,
larger companies and long-established freelancers
pay the classic fee for rights of use based on intended purpose

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Tangible memories,
because that‘s what connecting
moments with family and friends are made of

All kinds of print products are available in your Pic Time gallery
(works like online shopping and you design the products
yourself directly in the gallery, produced and delivered with a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks),
handling directly via Pic Time through my gallery - easy peasy.

Additionally I have two exclusive “The Light Within” designs hand made by my beloved Qt Albums,
just as simple and on point as the regular ones (with the 1-2 week turnaround time), but with a turnaround time of 8-12 weeks for the design handcrafted by me after you’ve picked your favourites plus 4 weeks of manufacturing time by Qt Albums plus shipping to your doorstep which is more of a artisanal process,
but worth the wait and effort with its lovely premium eco linen and golden foil stamping: either as a regular album with bendable, soft pages just simple and elegant OR as a super thick lay-flat binding (my favourite) with archival, museum quality paper in a matching linen box.

A personal must (and I hate must-dos) for weddings couples. And memories that are meant to last a lifetime. You gotta love it..

Well, at least I do.

I truly and deeply do.

Got those albums for my personal photos as well

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Mahalo for trusting me

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