Warum The Light within?

“From this, we come to know that every individual is a mixture of ātmā and anātmā. 
The comparison with light is helpful to clarify this. 

Whenever I see any one of you, I am seeing two things. I see you and I am also experiencing the light which is pervades your form, and which is generally taken for granted. So, when I am reading the book, if it were midnight and dark, I would not be able to read.  Now I am able to read because there are two things, one is the book,
and another is the light which pervades the form of the book. But generally, we take the light lightly. But remember, do not take the light lightly, because without light, you will not be able to see anything. In other words, all of us are ātmā plus anātmā. The whole aim of spiritual pursuit is to shift my identification from perishable anātmā to the imperishable ātmā. So when I say I am the body, what is the consequence? To say I am the body, I should be ready to accept mortality. But how many people are ready to accept mortality? Many people will say, I accept mortality, but I want to die suddenly without the lingering death in the hospital with tubes etc.  Remember, as long I claim I am the body, I should be able to accept old age and mortality.  If  I do not want those two, there is only one way:  I have to shift my identity from anātmā to ātmā.  And if I shift my identity to ātmā, what will be my attitude? I do not hate the body. 

I can love  the  body, as an instrument for transaction, instead of loving the body as myself. 
I can continue to love the body as an instrument, and as long as this instrument is available, I transact. 
Even when the instrument is gone, there is no question of me going away.

- Swamini Pramandanda Ammaji.